Unsolved or Partially Unsolved

This is all of the unsolved pages/puzzles/tasks that we're aware of (this list is currently incomplete, needs links, photos).

  1. The Summations -
  2. Genome Sequence -
  3. Numerous Tweets - @svulturvolans
  4. Location/dead drops - (item found in Zurich and San Diego so far) Library in Utah; a building in Texas; a motel in Joshua Tree
  5. Musical ciphers - multiple, spread throughout and
  6. Recording sheet music -
  7. Chess task -
  8. PDFs, JPEGS, and PNGs on
    1. 777 (solution)
    2. FWD, Polysyllogistic, SVV, Axiom (plaintext documents)
    3. qerf, qerf-2 (oval symbols code)
    4. E8307, V14428, T365166 (dot code)
    5. degree (audio)
  9. Morse code audio from phone number found on OLDWVLF and San Diego Dead drop - changes every week or so
  10. /dee cipher - - uses E-Mail "Alphabet" (unknown)
  11. /immortality (partial solution - bottom two layers, red boxed: numbers found, but likely need words to complete grid)
  12. Chemistry Cipher
  13. & a number of other pages we need to index