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This page serves as a hub for the players of the game (made by the players for the players), both new and old. Here we share our thoughts and theories, monitor our overall progress, and active opticals and archive puzzles.


This ARG centers around Applicants joining the S.V.V. or Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis. Which roughly translates to the Brotherhood of the Flying Vulture. Vultur Volans is also the name of the star Altair. Altair seems to be a central theme to this ARG.

The S.V.V. is apparently an "outer order" of the Department of Convolution, which is using the internet to find recruits. Something they don't typically do. The S.V.V. [excerpt] explains more about their "Order".

Applicants are apparently put through a series of tests, some are puzzles, while others are individualized tasks. A player has found an object in Northern San Diego after going to the location of a tweet; another object was found in a library in Zurich. Unknown objects/clues may be at other locations @svulturvolans has tweeted.

After Applicants pass the first couple of tests they are "Knighted" and given a "Name". Each Name corresponds to one of the 72 Names of God according to a Kabbalistic tradition. Players are asked to "transmit" their Name, after which it is added to the chart at

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