Cube Series == The cube series e-mails are a series of hints that Vav Vav Vav was given in response to completing a mission. It may be information to aid in unlocking and understanding the 'Unknown.pgp' file, however this is unknown since it has not yet been decrypted.

First E-mail

Title: Correct.

Because you are surrounded by Seven Hills, I ask that you map the seven metals and planets onto a cube. Do so, and more will be revealed.

Una Izonbl anhgbl, Hzahjijlxjn, Uazlb, Dzluizhzddzlbxjn qjzg Anajl, gjl, oro nszdgnogzjl, gjl zo Obgjabn ibgnogzjl Zojrijhazd, zo Ijhnl Uarkjhgzr, anuabnqnogbgzrxjn.

Second E-mail

Title: No Subject

I appreciate your work. However, I would like you to draw this on a single page. Uniformity is absolute. To aid your fellow Knights you may tell them Latin is in use.

Regards, Chancellor

Third E-mail

Title: 6

That will suffice. Thank you for your effort.

To find the passphrase for what’s Below:

- Per: Through (space); during (time); by means of;

- Lineam: Smear plaster (with); seal; erase; befoul; cover; string; line

- Rectam: right, proper; straight, honest, rule, guide; manage, direct;

- Circulumque: circle; orbit, zone; ring, hoop; belt, collar; company; cycle; circumference

- prima: first, foremost/best, chief, principal; nearest/next

- fuit: to be, exist

- rerum: thing; event, business; fact; cause; property

- tum: then, next; besides; at that time

- non: not, by no means

- existentium: step forth, appear; arise; become; prove to be; be (Bee)

- in: in, on, at (space); in accordance with/regard to/the case of; within (time); into; about, in the mist of; according to, after (manner); for; to, among

- naturae: nature; birth; character

Seek what’s Hieroglyphic. What is One.

Fourth E-mail

Title: Begin pgp message.

End pgp message.

That is where you need to use what is One