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Initial presentation is pigpen for letters with numbers encoded directly. Fortunately a pigpen font was used, so copy-paste to a text file produces the text without having to hand-decode.

That produces this text, which appears to be base-64 encoded due to the == at the end.

Decoding the base64 produces a large series of numbers. Only the digits 0-9 are used, so it is likely decimal. Several attempts were made by others at decoding this directly, but stepping through it in groups of two or three had a very wide range of numbers, making direct decoding unlikely.

Someone mentioned that the filename refers to an alphabetic coding, 01 02 03 ... 24 25 26. I noticed the x777 part at the end and decided to divide that huge number by 777. That produced a new series of numbers, all of which appeared to be in the 01-26 range.

Taking those as alphabet indices, gives a message! (Spaces have been added for readability, they were not in the original text.)